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Cyber Crises management by Group7 Solutions

With spike of Ransomware Cyber-attacks, companies find themselves vulnerable for hit, with high risks for their reputation, loss of confidential information and business continuity.

Group7 has set-up a special team led by some of the most known names in this field, trusted by Governments and top Corporations, with “field proven” of dozens of real situations handling around the globe, with one main objective – to prevent a situation of panic at the Zero day when all possible mistakes and decisions can be taken.

Our strategic consulting services on this issue addressing the top management of the organization and cover different aspects derive from cyber-attack emergency situation: HR, Operation, Legal, Media, Authorities, Compliance and Regulations, Immediate Response and Defense, Ransomware recovery and Business Continuity.

The elements we offer to cover in this program consist of:

1. Assessment and audit of present situation, risks and gaps to cover. Gap Analysis Survey

Risk Analysis Survey Threat Reference

Red Team (composed by ex IDF experts) Penetration Testing

2. BCP – Business Continuity Program for Cyber Crises

3. Preparedness, Reediness and Awareness of the organization personal. Top Table live Simulations for the management and business units Awareness Exercises for the general employees

Cyber Attack Simulator for SOC team and Cyber and IT people.

4. Set up of Emergency Team within the organization covering emergency cyber situation regarding HR issues, media, Legal cyber authorities, stake holders etc.

Rules Procedures

Report & Protocols

Escalation Table: Response and Action Items

5. IRR Incident Response Team with proven field experience of hundreds of global use cases.

6. 24/7 emergency call service for Zero-day situation 24/7 Emergency Team

We offer 24/7 emergency team for operational and managing cyber crises.

The composed of:

Crises commander, Media and Reputation advisor and Negotiator.

Team is led by experts with hundreds of hours dealing and negotiate with the most vicious hacker’s groups in the world and consist of operational support, strategy and tactical moves, profiling the threat, communicate and negotiate with the threat actor (subject to company instructions), managing the situation with regards to all aspects involved.

All of the team players are with significant, real and “from the field track record” helping the Government of Israel as well other governments, Multinationals Corporations and critical infrastructure, finance institutions to handle Ransomware and cyber attacks crises situations, to ensure Business Continuity and to minimize damage to Reputation, leakage of confidential information and finance loss.

About Group7 Solutions

Group7 Solutions is a distribution platform for Innovative Israeli Technologies.

We represent some of the most advanced solutions of Cyber Security, Cloud Technologies, Big Data and Performance.

More info can be found at:

Cyber Crises Management and Preparedness, Ransomware Recovery and Business Continuity is restricted service offered by the group for the High Management of corporations and entities.

For more details about this service, please contact CEO directly

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