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Group7 is a distribution platform for Israeli Innovative Technologies, mainly on Cyber Security, IOT/OT Security, Cloud, Real Time and Big Data


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keeping the code clean of vulnerabilities in the stage of the applicative development

FinOps software and service that can save up to 30% of the spent ($$$) on Cloud resources

Cyber attack simulator for hands-on training

 Scan and Map (show it in terms of $$$ – cost of exposure risk and mitigate cost) the organization cyber treat and take action to keep organization protected.

Autonomous Optimization for any Workload, at any Scale, Anywhere
Cut infrastructure costs and improve application performance with Real-Time Continuous Optimization

Eliminating the vulnerability of client-side applications. Reflectiz creates a unique inventory of the impact of any and all digital applications on your website, identifying and mapping all 1st, 3rd and 4th party risks including compliance violations, web skimming, external domain risks, and more.

L7 Defense Actively Protecting APIs from the First Request with the Highest Level of Accuracy, Against the Most Advanced Cyber Attacks on Cloud (Marketplace) & On-Premise

We provide a revolutionized air-gapped technology that dramatically reduces data loss and operational downtime risks. Our solutions enable a return to operation in 30 seconds, at a single click – no IT knowledge required!

Rayzone Group delivers boutique intelligence-based solutions for national agencies. The company’s broad product portfolio offers solutions that include SIGINT, GEOINT, cyber intelligence, OSINT, ADINT, DarkWeb, data fusion & analysis, and counterintelligence.

A hybrid on-prem and on-cloud platform, SQream minimizes Total Time to Insight (TTTI) for the new category of tera-to-peta-size data, by using GPU compute power. Slashing query times on time-sensitive data, SQream provides the best cost-performance solution available

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We act as a boutique investment club with direct access to the most promising and break-trough technologies. We pick our start-up’s to invest carefully with emphasis on high growth potential. Our model is unique and provide full transparency on the investment.

Please contact our CEO directly for more details : ceo@group7.solutions

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